Anishinaabe Food Sovereignty Project

Honor the Earth, in coordination with a number of Indigenous food and farming programs, shares an interest in the following: 

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Native food sovereignty, from the seed to the table, from the animal to the plate. A respectful set of relations to restore a healthy food system to our people.

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Tribal food policies. We will be working with tribal governments in the region to restore tribal food policies, to insure that we regulate our foods, not state or federal governments..

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Turtle Island Terra Madre. As members of the Slow Food Movement internationally and recipients of the International Slow Food Award for the Protection of Biodiversity ( 2003),  we seek to deepen our relationships to the world movement for safe, clean and locally produced, small farmer and indigenous foods. In 2016 , we will be working to bring a delegation of Indigenous people to Terra Madre in Italy, and this delegation, we hope to bring under our own Turtle Island representation, not the US or Canada. This delegation will include Indigenous producers, farmers, harvesters and leaders from North America and the Pacific- Hawaii.  We will also seek to support more presidia for Terra Madre.